Itchy Trigga Fingaz Scratch Looper Vol1

Here it is , the Itchy Trigga Fingaz Scratch looper.Comprising of 8 carefully selected breaks, we hope you get some use out of it.

Speed Trainer

So the idea of this looper is too work out new scratches slowly then to gradually work up your speed. First work out the new scratch with no music, then start at a BPM of 65 with your new scratch. When you get the scratch down at that speed work your way up the tempos until you reach 125 BPM. Now go back to 65 BPM and get the scratch down at double speed and work you way back up the tempos. I hope this looper is useful and please feel free to provide any feedback.

Music and Flash by DJ DSK
Artwork by Matt Diamond

If using a PC download the .exe and double click, if you are a MAc then down load the .zip file unzip and then double click the .app file.

Sirness Game Looper Vol 1

Sirness Game Looper Vol 1

Also available on the Web Looper (IOS, Android, PC, Mac)

Funkonami1 - Globetrotting EP

Funkonami1 - Globetrotting EP

Funkonami1's latest EP 'Globetrotting' is four tracks of nice beats, samples, sounds & some cuts. Also check out his other releases, songs & sounds links below. Recommended.

%s1 / %s2

Lucha Libre Looper

Lucha Libre Looper

Skratch Daily - We Cut Looper

MistaSweet's Scratch Power Booster

To start 2015 off good and in stead of having to go to the gym I present you MistaSweet's Scratch Power Booster.

This looper I made after DJ Setiono gave me the idea of a looper which increases speed.
I made a BPM bar with it so you can see at which speed you get stuck.
To avoid getting stuck again at the same BPM I also made the "manual/loop mode" so you can click a BPM value and keep practicing on that BPM.

I hope you enjoy it and if you have any questions, lemme know!

For all my music and other stuff but also to leave some feedback, go to (it's in Flash too so unfortunately not available on mobiles).


forza 4

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