Dj Spydrr (RIP) - Backwordz Evolution

Dj Spydrr (RIP) - Backwordz Evolution

Several years back, maybe 2005/2005, I bought a copy of Dj Spydrr's album 'Araknophonograph' (from Naj ?) . After this I started following Dj Spydrr and heard about his forthcoming album, 'Backwordz Evolution' and shortly after he died in a motorcycle accident. I couldn't help but wonder if the album would ever be heard. I stumbled upon the album on SoundCloud, big up to whomever uploaded it. There are two albums & an EP are there for the taking.

Jeremy was born November 8, 1979 in Evanston, IL. After graduating from Columbia College in Chicago in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in sound recording engineering, he came to the University of Florida to study architectural acoustics in the College of Design, Construction and Planning.

As DJ Spydrr, he was one of Chicago’s leading scratch artists. He produced an album of his own scratch music called Araknophonograph. Jeremy built a recording studio everywhere he lived, including his Gainesville apartment, where he recorded emerging talents in addition to his own work.

Friends and loved ones established this fund in his memory after he passed away on February 6, 2007 at age 27.

RIP Jeremy J. Hill / Dj Spydrr.