Senses Overloaded - Free EP

Senses Overloaded - Free EP

Senses Overloaded

2tall, Lamont & Tenkar have teamed up to bring you some fresh music & very dope visuals.  2tall & Lamont combined their efforts on a 7 track ep, 'Senses Overloaded', that was released at the beginning of 2007.  The ep is now being given away at the group's website, I was going to suggest that you buy the ep from if you wanted full 320kpb mp3's & to support these guys however; just for the record the download on their site is full 320kpb mp3 for the ep.  The Senses Overloaded trailer has been added to the video sector, 2tall & Lamont provide the music & Tenkar provides the visuals.  You'll see them using just about every piece of musical technology from software on down the line to their turntables & mixers. According to their Myspace page 'Senses Overloaded combines audio and video with
more technology than a space shuttle and mission control put together', 
I like it.

Some audio previews from

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