- DayMakers Mix #5 - Podcast - DayMakers Mix #5 - Podcast

Here we are, The DayMakers MixVol 5.  At this rate we'll have hit Vol. 10 about the time I graduate from college, it could be a while. As usual the selections are a mixture of new and old, and all fresh.  We start out with a new one from ProF (insideamind) look out for his new album this summer.  Next up is GavinSense, Audio taken from a video of his.  Then a little Kid Koala, Robo Shuffel, followed by Rob Swift's Dope on Plastic.  What ever happened to ColdKutCombo?  Next is a track from the ColdKut Member Mixtape freaturing Sirness & Sol Kontrol.  Then moving on to the sci-scratch KingTragic & PrimeMinister handel that.   Next a little ThoughtControl, did you check their free ep?  I listen to every track that is uploaded to, some suite me better than others, Dj Syruz dosen't dissapoint.  Next is a track from the new self titled Vince Mack Mahon record.  I assume you've checked the Community Scratch Podcasts, if not don't delay.  Skizo (Bungalow Zen), provides what you need for Posers & Supposers.  Next is a little trip down memory lane with Dj Realm, The Allies (Dj Craze), Shortee and Alien Army.  I'm not sure where this next track comes from, Paul Pre featuring Soular, Nowadays.  So if you know, tell me.  Finally a little something from myself, its taken from the MindState Six Song Slump Buster, 2005 ish.  Enjoy.Find it on Itunes or the feed to subscribe: Life Force - ProF (InsideAMind) - What About an Instrumental BeatCut - video GavinSense Robo Shuffle - Kid Koala - Carpal Tunnel SyndromeDope on Plastic - Rob Swift - Dope on Plastic 12"GizTrap - Sol Kontrol & Sirness - Member Mixtape Vol.1The Oxygen Destroyer - KingTragic - Sci-FonicsAutomatic Scratches at 40,000 - PrimeMinister - UnreleasedTry This - Celsius & Dissonance (ThoughtControl) - UnreleasedStep Into My Mind - Dj Syruz - UnreleasedMy Bed is The Moon - Vince Mack Mahon - Vince Mack MahonPosers & Supposers - Skizo - Broken DreamsRevenge of The Nerd - Dj Realm - Turntables by The BayFreedom of Speech - The Allies (Dj Craze) - D-DaySound Wars - Shortee - The DreamerTales From The Dark Side Pt.2 - Alien ArmyNowadays - Paul Pre, Feat. Soular - ??Maryanne & I - honna - Six Song Slump Buster