Chinch 33 - Escape From The Incubator - Album out now

Chinch 33 - Escape From The Incubator - Album out now

This album came out about a month ago and I've been meaning to post this up since.  Its the first I've heard of Chinch 33 and hopefullyHTML Source not the last.  Its a solid album all the way through.  It's one of the dopest scratch albums I've heard in a while.  Its all constructed from turntables and samples. I've added a couple of videos from the album to the video sector. There are tracks featuring Gavin & Mar1, check the tracklist below.  I'm working getting this for the shop.  Its now available from in the shop.  If your in europe can order this album from or directly from Chinch 33. If your not in eqrope get one from the shop.

Check the links below. 

Track List:

1 intro (escape from the incubator)

2 i'm a song
3 petty thinkin' minds
4 nothing to say
5 osnabrück wüste
6 skratch music (mit gavin sense)
7 skit
8 are you sorry?
9 mind (djembe: ulli schubert)
10 the natural ability
11 nevele
12 once again (mit gavin sense + mar 1)
13 whatever
14 you should understand me
15 gone
16 the great adventure (mit gavin sense)
17 skit (bass: lars rempe)
18 game
19 cannibalistic behaviour
20 underestimate
21 change

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