recommended listening

a few things i've just picked up and would suggest you do the same. lamont, ricci rucker, teeko, dj void. read on...

Hi-Fi series vol. 2 - by lamont
format: 2x12" (good quality pressing)
hear sound clips and buy:

the breakdown:
Side a:
-Instrumentals for scratching/beat juggling.
-Short skip proof beat sections, 3 in total, one tabla loop.
-Instruments for composing, sampling
-Lockgrooved instrumental at the end.
Side b:
-massive soundbanks for production use, live looping skratching.
sounds include: strings, harps, sub bass, synths, stabs, drum kits

bleeps, several percussion sections and much more...
-2 scratch sentences, 66.6 bpm and 90 bpm
Side c:
-one instrumental
-16 skip proof scratch sentences, very useful for scratch practice/routines.
Side d:
40 lockgroove both 66.6 and 133.33 bpm, live percussion and dry drums.

Megablaster 5000 ruckazoid - by ricci rucker
format: cdr 43min
hear sound clips and buy:
the breakdown:
scratch practice cd. one take. check the samples you'll get the idea.
"No headphones, no routines, just solo cuts on analog beats."
--ricci rucker


My Soundstation by - teeko (four one funk)
format: cd
hear sound clips:

the breakdown:
taken from an interview with teeko at
"It has been quite the process - a chapter of my life that I'm sharing with the world. I started a handful of the songs almost 4 years ago, shortly after my last few appearances on the constrictive stages of the DJ battles. It embodies my changes and progression as a musician for this period of time. There are little stories that go with the songs and they are hinted on in the liner notes. There is a theme to the album that represents youth and purity. The turntable is an instrument in its most youthful or dawning stages, also during the course of this album I was working at an after school program where I was influenced by the innate creativity and uncurbed imagination of the youth. My SoundStation is my creative force, my instruments, my turntable. It features many renowned musicians from the scratch and jazz worlds, including The Dollar Bin Quintet (Mike Boo, Max Kane, B-Cause, J-1 and myself) and amazing saxophonist Kenny Brooks (check his status ) as well as award winning drummer Jay Lane (2002 CMA Drummer of the Year). Also the hidden bonus track features Collin Brown (keys) and Austin Bohlman (drums) of the bay area funk band Monophonics ( I feel very blessed to collaborate with these musicians and appreciate the respect they give to this evolution of sound."
-- teeko

if your at all familiar with four one funk this is a no brainer.

Dj Void EP - by Dj void

format: cd
hear sound clips and buy:
the breakdown:
taken from a review at the willamette weekly
"From the southern rock guitar riffs, congas, brazilian-style flute and the robotic cymbal taps that hold it all together, DJ Void is onto some cross-cultural shit with “Cuntry Flute.” "
country flute is the track that really got me interested in this cd, but i found i really like the entire cd. also check for other releases, beat cd's and a dope tshirt.