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I've got some & mindstate stickers, if you want some send me your address and I'll send them your way. If you want to break off a little postage via paypal that would be cool, but not required. ($1 paypal email: [email protected]) Big up!

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NickNack "Strangest Secret" - 7 inch / 320k mp3

NickNack "Strangest Secret" - 7 inch / 320k mp3

This is the first single for NickNack's forthcoming album "Dearly Departed". The "Strangest Secret" contains elements of one of my favorite secret records. This 7inch is limited to 300. 320k mp3's are also available (Name your price). NickNack also has his back catalog available on, you pick the price for the mp3's. Check the 7inch snip & Album preview video below.

1. NickNack "Strangest Secret"
2. NickNack "Gathering Shadow"

Dearly Departed Promo

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Rob Swift - The Architect

Rob Swift - The Architect - Out Feb 23rd

The Architect is Rob Swift's latest release, its out Feb 23rd. The Architect has a different sound than his other albums. This is more musical it a traditional / classical style than previous albums that had a definite hip hop style.  Of the 18 tracks on the album only feature vocals by Breeze Evahflowin.  Something I've been critical about in the past is too many MC's on scratch records.  One of the lines that caught my ear, "what's up with the rapping and not the scratching, relax....".  The album seems to be arranged in a way that you should listen to it from beginning to end to get the full effect.  The music has depth, giving you something to digest as you listen to the album.  The songs are all part of a bigger piece of music, rather than each song trying to hold you attention for a couple of minutes then let go. These days picking & choosing tracks off an album is too common, do that here and you'll come up short.  Getting lost in anything in this short attention span, over connected, sensory overload world is rare.  The album is available starting Tuesday, physical & digi. Do yourself a favor, if your buying digi, get the whole album. Video & Links Below. 

DJ Rob Swift - "Rabia- 2nd Movement"

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Mista Sinista Mix & Interview

Mista Sinista Mix & Interview

Here is an hour plus with Mista Sinista, mixing, scratching and an interview. Rob Swift interviews Mista Sinista, before & after the music.

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MindState (dusk & honna) - Black Lungs Ep - Free

MindState (dusk & honna) - Black Lungs Ep - Free
<a href="">Black Lungs by MindState</a>

A little shameless self-promotion. This is a free ep by dusk (mc) and myself. Get your download on and let us know what you think. We have been nominated for The City Weekly Music Awards, if your liking what you hear, send your vote by texting "minds" to 91010.

Big up, honna.

Production Credits & Track List.
released 01 November 2009
1-black lungs - prod. by Dusk
2-almost all the time - prod. by Brisk
3-same old trouble - prod. by Abacus81
4-boss pt. one - prod. by DJ Honna
5-The Most Ridiculous - prod. by DJ Handsome Hands
6-drat cave - prod. by MindState
7-drive - prod. by Dusk
8-easy now - prod. by Linus

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Rob Swift - The Architect - Out Feb 23rd

Rob Swift - The Architect - Out Feb 23rd

Rob Swift's latest release The Architect will be available February 23rd. I've only heard one track from the album "Rabia- 2nd Movement" (see the video). According to the press release, the album is mostly instrumental, only two tracks have vocals. From my perspective this is a huge plus. Don't get me wrong, I love hip hop/rap, but for the love of god, keep the mc's to a minimum on the scratch records. I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of this album. Hopefully its one of many for scratch music in 2010.

Master turntablist Rob Swift has strived to expand the definition of Hip Hop since his first release in the mid-90’s. In an age where creating an iTunes play list is the sole prerequisite for being called a DJ, Swift’s boundary-pushing new release, The Architect, is a refreshing reminder that the 1’s and 2’s are an instrument in themselves. Using his newfound love of classical music as a point of inspiration, Swift’s latest work has as much in common with Mozart as it does with Grandmaster Flash. The innovative album has found a perfect home on fellow experimental musician Mike Patton’s label, Ipecac Recordngs (Melvins, Isis, Hella).

Swift first arose to prominence as a member of the turntablist collective the X-Men a.k.a. X-ecutioners, and soon became known across the globe for his beat juggling skills. He has since gone on to work with an incredibly varied array of artists including Herbie Hancock, Cypress Hill, Dan the Automator, and Blue Man Group. Swift has also appeared on Sesame Street, ESPN, and The Late Show With David Letterman, all while maintaining his underground credibility and sense of adventure

A quick glance at The Architect’s track listing reveals that Swift has created a conceptual piece of work. Though mostly instrumental, the album is not a “concept album” but rather a series of compositions deliberately sequenced to form a greater, unified whole. On “Principio,” the album’s lone MC, Breez Evahflowin, breaks it down when he spits “The way it’s layed down, don’t shuffle this LP / the truth is you’d miss something that’s healthy / something like progress, the artform elevated / the next level of turntablism and innovators.”

Though only two tracks contain vocals, The Architect is ripe with emotion and abstract narrative. Orchestral strings and organs mingle with fierce breakbeats and expert scratching. Swift’s exploration of manipulating pitch and tempo are executed and organized with the mindset of a virtuosic composer. The album not only adds to Swift’s illustrious legacy, but also adds news chapters in the history of the DJ and hip hop at large.

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Deviant & Naive Ted - Beauty/Shoes Not Not 7"

Deviant & Naive Ted - Beauty/Shoes Not Not 7"

I'm more than a little late getting this put up. Deviant & Naive Ted's latest release is available now. It features two tracks scratched, flipped, looped and so on. Check the video & links below.

Snatches of sounds from old vinyl records, dug from airless basements and
charity shops scratched into time, recycled into new tracks unrecognisable
from the originals. Using just the humble turntable, mixer and loops pedal,
Deviant lays down layers of vinyl cuts on to a multitrack and the results
are deadly.

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WTK WorldWide Scratch Battle 2010


The "WTK WORLDWIDE SCRATCH BATTLE 2010" is an international online scratch battle.

That battle will carefully be judged by a professional jury.

The concept is simple:

Each contestant must download the WildStyle looper 3   which contains several beats, record a video set of 1min30 and then send a video of his performance using one of the 15 proposed beats.

Youtube and Beat4Battle forum will be hosting the videos of all participants.

Best sets will be rewarded with prizes from our partners. (Vestax, Serato, Pro-x-fade)

The promotion of the event will be done via several types of media such as websites, specialized press, blogs, specialized forums, webzines to make sure to cover the largest number of participants.

How to Sign up :

return the registration form duly completed at :

- [email protected]

/ "\ The registration forms should be returned by March 31, 2010 /" \

| DJ Name :
| Last name :
| First name :
| Address :
| Country :
| E.mail :
| Phone number:

Rules :

1 / Any Dj of any country can sign up

2 / Dj's must have a scratch routine of 1min30s on the beat of their choice but it has to from the Wildstyle looper 3.

3 / The scratch routine must be video recorder in "one shot" and sent on youtube with the title and the following tag: WTK WORLDWIDE SCRATCH BATTLE 2010: DJ "YourName" before April 30, 2010.

4 / All post production work, video or sound editing will automatically result in disqualification.
However we'll recommend the sound output to be recorded seperately for a quality purpose. Please make sure the recording is done under decent condition; Bad lighting/framing can be harmful to your performance.

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Alf - This Way or That Way - Album Out Now

Alf - This Way or That Way

Alf of HipHop Slam - This Way Or That Way is Alf's contribution to scratch music. His commentary on music, politics & life is mixed in with the beats and cuts. The album features a few 'well known' scratch artists dj 2p, dj Sniper, Jimmy The Hideous Penguin and Skizo. Check the track listing and preview video below. You can snag this on iTunes & from Alf's website. Check the links below.

Track Listing:
1. This Way, Feat. Billy Jam
2. Funk 141 Controller
3. You Know
4. Here They Come
5. Put The Needle On The Record
6. Lab Insomnia
7. Sculpted Music, Feat. Skizo & Dj 2P
8. Judging The Maker, Feat. Skahlah
9. Streptomisen
10. TVT
11. 2015 Or 1960
12. The Deployment II
13. One More Drink, Feat. Dunn-D
14. Let's See Now
15. Hedspace Meditation, Feat. Dawgisht
16. Nebula, Feat. Dj Sniper
17. Say Yeah, Feat. Dust One
18. What If, Feat. Nations
19. That Way
20. The Galway Formula, Feat. Jimmy The Hideous Penguin

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Bomb HipHop - Return Of The Dj Volume 6

Bomb HipHop - Return Of The Dj Volume 6

I'd bet The Return Of The DJ is the longest running dj/scratch compilation out there. Volume 6 is coming your way towards the end of the year. Here is the upcoming track listing:

01. Business As Usual - Dr. Jones
02. Transmittin' - DJ JS-1
03. The Dude - Patch Lunch
04. Cheese Cuttin' - DJ Itchy Ron
05. HOTSIVO - 3FX Crew
06. Half Cut - Blendoffendaz
07. Hypnosis - DJ Wicked
08. Damn, The Beat - DJ T-Rock
09. The Ultimate - DJ Agent 86
10. Knuckelhead DJ's - DJ Irie

Be sure to swing by and see what else they've got cooking.

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