Table Scraps- Sirness CD from 2008

Table Scraps

***BIG WARNING*** This is not a looper.
I made this around 2007-2008 ish because I loved the idea.
I put my cd into a flash format PC/Mac. These tracks are from all over time 99/2008. My very first track is on here called
The Study of Musical Styles. The intro track is from the La Purver collab and I used Dj Cracker's Sirness sample
from one of his crazy ass freestyles I recorded one night on Paltalk. And the Outro is from the end of the
White Paper Project collab. Also collab tracks with Kinetic on Jimmy, Analyze, and Danger.
A collab track with Steel Surreal on Sir-Real. Also a dope collab with Sol Control on Giztrap.
And Bad Day a collab with Mike B from the Animal Crackers.

The rest of the tracks are all either my early all skratched music beginnings, or me scratching to beats.
All in all have fun with my early scratch music days.


Looper Files: 
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