flash loopers for cutting it up to..

SkratchDaily - Practice Yo Cuts Looper

Dj Empte - El Veranito

SkratchDaily - Alchemist Looper

Mindlab - Bleed Looper

Ricardo DeBigonez - Future Shocks Looper

Ricardo DeBigonez - Future Shocks Looper

I went so far into the future that I ended up at the beginning of time.

I got so fed up with all these loopers all sounding the same and so decided to release some shit I like to cut too.

The Wakz - Red Skratch Looper

red skratch looper 2014 scratch

We are The Wakz! 2 turntablist/skratch DJ's starting in 1998 then moving into music production heavily around 2004. Even though we are active members in the online skratch community, we decided to stay anonymous for 'The Wakz' project. Links to other music below. If you like this, look for our Lime Green Skratch Looper from 2013. All music is original.

Keep it fresh! - The Wakz

Mindlab Shredder Looper

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