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GO OFF – 12 DJ Posse cut

GO OFF – 12 DJ Posse cut Feat: Jayceeoh, Scratch, Skratch Bastid, Shiftee, Hedspin, Dopey, Mat The Alien, Marvel , dj i-dee, Spryte , DJ Excel, Wundrkut

I came across this posse cut track, its from last year, I thought it was dope.

Check the links below...

Jayceeoh (Super 7, Masters) (NYC/LA/PIT)
Scratch (Of The Roots) (Philly)
Skratch Bastid (2003-04 x 2007 Scribble Jam Champ) (Toronto)
Shiftee (2007 x 2009 DMC World Champ) (NYC)
Hedspin (Eh! Team DJs) (Vancouver)
Dopey (2003 DMC World Champ) (Toronto)
Mat The Alien (Whistler)
Marvel (The Freshest) (Vancouver)
I-Dee (2006 US DMC Champ) (Miami)
Spryte (ITF World Scrtaching Champ 2001) (LA)
DJ Excel (Skratch Makaniks) (Philly/LA)
Wundrkut (2006 Canadian DMC Champ) (Vancouver)

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The Foundation: DMC DJ Exhibition @ Kennedy Center

Dj I-Dee

Here is an hour video from the Mellennium Stage at the Kennedy Center. The video features Dj I-Dee & Dj Rockin' Rob. I was tipped to this video by Christie Z-Pabon's Tools of War email list. Check the links below for the video & to check out the email list.

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