sus - the warning

01.theme from the mad adventures of “rabbi” jacob
02.michel legrand “the boston wrangler”
03.david axelrod “the warning ii”
04.mister k.”nasa answering service”
05.serge gainsbourg “là bas c’est naturel”
06.ananda shankar “streets of calcutta”
07.the starlights “mao mao”
08.blackbusters “old man”
09.patucchi “red lamp”
10.asha puthli “i dig love”
11.janko nilovic “electric days”
12.s.o.u.l “memphis underground”
13.los chikichaka “musica mulata”
14.human egg “love like this”
15.james william guercio “the chase”
16.s.o.u.l “soul”
17.bama the village poet “nothingness”

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