Wobbledelic Crunktronica Episode II

The next installment of Doom-bass from the future poured over fractured breaks with an unhealthy dose of skratchism and psychotropic atmospherics. Always huge respect out to all the Soundcloud producers whose tracks are used here, if you hear stuff you like , please holler and don't sleep.

Until next time, Viva the Solid State Society!!..zetrik

zetrik-Turboencapulator intro
Ceah-The Truth
Koder-Dub U
ghostsoul-Lonley City
Splintz-Here and Now
Figgy-Dr Gonzo
Beat3-Totally Diesel
Bil Bless-Saturday Morning
Halfmonk-Robot God
Dudley Ghost-Insoma
Edison-The Blue Bike
DJ Nameless-808N8
Equations of Eternity-Loa