zetrik - Welcome To Cinetropia mix

Lots of new and unreleased tracks from myself and friends, along with some classics. This is my take on mixing, lots of production trickery involved as well as live scratching and samples; its bassrich, sampleheavy and scratchladen.Big ups to Cutdisco and MalprAKtis. Comments are welcome, silence is boring.

1.zetrik-Intresting Theory/Days Long Past
2.zetrik Yakuza District/datzafire
3.Mike Jones-Back Then (inst)
5.The Goats-Lincoln Blvd (edit)
7.Cutdisco-Miss The Train (dub)
9.Boards of Canada-Rue The Whirl
10.Mick Harris-Dippers
11.malprAKtis and zetrik-Weeblepeeple
12.Muslimgauze-The Poisoner of Citrus
13.Wayan Loceng and Ketut Balik-Sekati (edit)
14.Sleeze Boyz- Robocop