Mike Boo, Teeko & Jazz Mafia Trio - Live At Brunos - Album Coming Soon

I don't have very much info about this, but here goes.  Just the title tells you about all you need to know, Mike Boo, Teeko & The Jazz Mafia Trio Live at Bruno's.  There isn't a release date, just 'coming soon'.  I'm not familiar with The Jazzz Mafia Trio, however I am with Mike Boo & Teeko.  See below for a full list of artists on this album.  You should remember Mike Boo's Dunhill Drone Committee & Teeko's My SoundStation, if not you've got something to check out while you wait for this to drop.  Both are highly recommended, there are also several other Four-One Funk releases waiting for you.  If you saw or heard the My SoundStation release show you'll have high hopes for this.  I've got the audio for that show somewhere, I'll try to put that up soon.  Below are some related links to check out.  My SoundStation Release show videos 1, 2, 3.  Featured Artists include: Adam Theis - 7 string bass, trombone and synth, Joe Cohen - alto and baritone saxes, keyboards, Pat Korte - drums and samplerTeeko - turntableMike Boo - turntableMike Olmos - trumpetMarcus Stephens - tenor saxBrown Chris - shout-outsRelated Links:

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