NickNack - State Machine

NickNack - State Machine

I always look forward to hearing new music from NickNack. NickNack's latest full length album, 'State Machine' doesn't disappoint. Its 17 tracks of NickNack's production and cuts, with tracks featuring A.Dd+, Bavu, Crew54 and LOEGz. Its available from several digi shops including Crowd Control Records & BandCamp. Highly Recommended.

State Machine by NickNack

"State Machine" is inspired by the human apparatus which is a complex 'machine' capable of an extremely wide range of 'states' (as in conditions with respect to circumstances). As 'machines' we can relate to one another through these rich and meaningful 'states'. They help to define and shape the paths which we travel throughout our lives.

This album in and of itself is meant to be a stateful sonic journey, traversing a variety of genres, moods and styles (from angst riddled raps to relaxing soulful instrumentals).

Nick's 4th full length release features 17 original songs (50 mins) including gems from A.Dd+, Bavu, Crew54 and LOEGz.