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Rob Swift - The Architect - Out Feb 23rd

Rob Swift - The Architect

The Architect is Rob Swift's latest release, its out Feb 23rd. The Architect has a different sound than his other albums. This is more musical it a traditional / classical style than previous albums that had a definite hip hop style.  Of the 18 tracks on the album only feature vocals by Breeze Evahflowin.  Something I've been critical about in the past is too many MC's on scratch records.  One of the lines that caught my ear, "what's up with the rapping and not the scratching, relax....".  The album seems to be arranged in a way that you should listen to it from beginning to end to get the full effect.  The music has depth, giving you something to digest as you listen to the album.  The songs are all part of a bigger piece of music, rather than each song trying to hold you attention for a couple of minutes then let go. These days picking & choosing tracks off an album is too common, do that here and you'll come up short.  Getting lost in anything in this short attention span, over connected, sensory overload world is rare.  The album is available starting Tuesday, physical & digi. Do yourself a favor, if your buying digi, get the whole album. Video & Links Below.