Uncle Lew & CocoB -The Carolina Panther

Uncle Lew & CocoB -The Carolina Panther

Here is a nice scrath tape by Uncle Lew & CocoB, 'The Carolina Panther'.

Carolina Panther by Uncle Lew and cocoB

The Carolina Panther by Uncle Lew and CocoB

"The Carolina Panther (Panthera Carola) was a flightless cat endemic to the state of Carolina. It stood about 2 metres (6.6 feet) tall, weighing about 1680 kilograms (3703.8 lb). The species lost the ability to fly because in Carolina food was abundant and mammalian predators were absent. It was related to pigeons and doves, and its closest relative was the Rodrigues Solitaire(*), which is also extinct. The external features of the Carolina Panther are only known from paintings and written accounts from the 17th century, but because these vary considerably, and only a few sketches are known to have been drawn from life, mystery remains over its exact appearance."

Dr. Jeffrey Durkee PhD (1723 - 2007)
(Professor of Counter Fraud And Criminal Justice studies (CFACJ syllabus II) , University of North Carolina)

*Beats from Christmas Looper 3, Nozl Looper, Beezel