WTK WorldWide Scratch Battle 2010

WTK WorldWide Scratch Battle 2010

The "WTK WORLDWIDE SCRATCH BATTLE 2010" is an international online scratch battle.

That battle will carefully be judged by a professional jury.

The concept is simple:

Each contestant must download the WildStyle looper 3   which contains several beats, record a video set of 1min30 and then send a video of his performance using one of the 15 proposed beats.

Youtube and Beat4Battle forum will be hosting the videos of all participants.

Best sets will be rewarded with prizes from our partners. (Vestax, Serato, Pro-x-fade)

The promotion of the event will be done via several types of media such as websites, specialized press, blogs, specialized forums, webzines to make sure to cover the largest number of participants.

How to Sign up :

return the registration form duly completed at :

- wtkbattle@hotmail.fr

/ "\ The registration forms should be returned by March 31, 2010 /" \

| DJ Name :
| Last name :
| First name :
| Address :
| Country :
| E.mail :
| Phone number:

Rules :

1 / Any Dj of any country can sign up

2 / Dj's must have a scratch routine of 1min30s on the beat of their choice but it has to from the Wildstyle looper 3.

3 / The scratch routine must be video recorder in "one shot" and sent on youtube with the title and the following tag: WTK WORLDWIDE SCRATCH BATTLE 2010: DJ "YourName" before April 30, 2010.

4 / All post production work, video or sound editing will automatically result in disqualification.
However we'll recommend the sound output to be recorded seperately for a quality purpose. Please make sure the recording is done under decent condition; Bad lighting/framing can be harmful to your performance.

5 / DJs will only use real vinyl or timecoded vinyl but no CD player, no effects, no instruments other than turntables.

6 / The juges will award points to the dj's of their choice based on technicality and musicality of scratches (3 points for first, 2 points for second and 1 point for third).

7 / Then the juges will have 1 week to discuss and do a final count of the votes.

8 / Good luck.

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