Vangel vs Unkut EP - Free EP

All this nerdy technology is paying off. Facebook, Twitter and so on. 5&1/4 records twitter, referencing turntable radio, referencing an iller clothing twitter / tweet (not so sure about all this new nomenclature). Anyway getting down to brass tacks, more free music. This one is Vangel Vs. Unkut. It's a 3 song ep with artwork & some extensive information in the tracklist.

1. Doing things (4:46)
2. Listen (4:35)
3. Butcher Freestyle 08 (DJ Unkut Scratch Practice) (1:50)

all tracks produced, mixed, and arranged by Vangel
* (except tr. 3, produced & mixed by AKD)
all cuts and scratches by DJ Unkut
mastered by Dorc for

format: Digital (FREE Download)
running time: (10:31)
release date: Nov.20.08