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Le Jad - Robotor 2

Le Jad - Robotor 2

The Latest digi-break from Le jad. Check the snip & info below...

From Le Jad:

This album contains 68 tracks:

- 10 beats (from 74bpm to 96bpm). All edited, with introductions, transitions, break downs, drops, outros...

- 1 beat juggling sentence (1min15sec).

- 2 synths, bass and tones sentences. The first one is 1min35sec and the second one is 1min20sec.

Notice: I produced the 3 sentences at 86bpm.


- 10 scratch skip proof
- 10 beat loops
- 10 drumming skip proof (100bpm pattern)
- 25 synths and basslines loops

Most of those skip proof are 2 revolutions long!
I can't put extracts from all the loops in the snippet, it would be too long.

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Le JAD - Percussion

Le JAD - Percussion

Le Jad recently put out a massive digi break entitled 'Percussion'. Its available for download with a PayPal donation to him. Its clear tons of time and effort went into putting this together, so break him off. Not to mention countless beats & other goodies he's given away over the years. Below are some details and descriptions of Percussion from Le Jad's website.

• Skip Proofs are ordered in 7 categories :
XOX, Battery, S&D, 133, KSK, SK, X-TREM, SENTENCES.
• All patterns, except included in the "133" folder, are written at 100 bpm, so you can loop them perfectly.

• Many genre of music are represented. You can use these skip proofs for scratch/drumming/beat juggling training, for competition or for your own productions.

• Skip proofs are grouped by 5 in order to ease up the use of cue points in your DVS.

It took me 2 years to perfect this record : refine, dump, create, try, copy, paste, undo, redo, kill my neighbors, doing all this while fastened to my desktop through heavy chains... that to say hundreds hours have been spent on it, with all the concern for detail you already know about me...

The result of this long work is a 1.2 Go 16bit WAV quality panel.

Let me tell you that it would be impossible for me to give you back an O so well content on usual webshop. Having lots of materials and ideas to share, your obedient servant would so much appreciate a contribution for his work.

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Le JAD - Sound Trauma (SIDE 1) - Free Download

Le JAD - Sound Trauma (SIDE 1) - Free Download

Le JAD has put up side 1 from his Sound Trauma record for free download. Be sure to keep an eye on his soundcloud & facebook for more goodies...

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Famelik 2011 Looper

Famelik 2011 Looper

Famelik 2011 Looper.

Beats By:
DJ A-kut
Jean 2.0
Le Jad

Le JAD - Looper 2 - Looper

Le JAD - Looper 2 - Looper

The following info is from Le Jad's myspace blog:

01 - Lit (85 bpm).
02 - George (68 bpm).
03 - Roberto (68 bpm).
04 - Renaldo (112 bpm).
05 - Penelope (74 bpm).
06 - Catherine (78 bpm).
07 - Alan (74 bpm).
08 - Raymond (84 bpm).
09 - Produit Action (88 bpm).
10 - Colbert II (64 bpm).
11 - Clovis remix (68 bpm) 4/4 3/3.
12 - Colbert (62 bpm).
13 - Baronne (120 bpm).
14 - Comtesse (76 bpm).
15 - Louise (76 bpm).
16 - Jenny (80 bpm).


A . Anatol (70 bpm).
B . Anna Katherine (62 bpm).
C . Ipo (62 bpm).
D . Breath (120 bpm).
E . Le Mode (78 bpm).
F . Ludu (74 bpm).
G . Udul (136 bpm) 3/3.
H . Camille (122) 3/3.
I . Dimitri (98 bpm).
J . Lapin (116 bpm).

Total: 26.

(Mastering: Le JAD)

HISTOIRE (français):

J'ai écrasé, après tant d'humiliations, ceux qui procèdent à l'abattage humain, qui classent et numérotent, à coup de décrets et de quotas. Qu'ils périssent dans d'atroces souffrances.

Ce looper incarne ce long combat et son issue. Les boucles ont été produites d'une traite, dans l'attente, l'enfermement, la puanteur.

Merci à Adèle, qui a fait la petite méduse et les œufs, les abysses dans lesquels j'ai nagé. Merci à MLP et à Jean qui m'ont soutenu et qui ont écouté les étapes de chaque beat (merci à tous ceux que j'ai embêté et harcelé avec ces boucles). Merci à Pipol d'avoir réalisé le flash.

Partagé avec amour,

A la mémoire des autres victimes,

A la mort de tous les négationnistes de nos douleurs neurogènes,

Et puis c'est tout.


Je remercie FA qui m'a bien conseillé également.

HISTORY (english):

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