Two new RetroFuturism releases available now...

The guys at RetroFuturism have dropped two quality albums that are free for the taking.
Solo albums from African & Airnino, entitled 'My gift to you' and 'Spacesuite radio' respectively.

track listing:
01 IntoEnergy
02 The Next Episode
03 Dedication to the Buena Vista Social Club
04 Forward To The Light
06 Free Energy
07 Interlude
08 Give Love and Thanks
09 Just Embrace The Music
10 Progression
11 Where It All Started, Actually

track listing

01 you gots to chill
02 summer breeze
03 denote
04 in between interlude
05 audio sermon
06 night with two moons/ dreamcast collabo
07 sloth on a temporary emo trip
08 daydreaming interlude
09 shaken
10 the fakelivesong
11 summer breeze airnino downtempo remix
12 beautiful random chops
13 the escape/ african collabo
14 heavy snow

Both are available for free download here: