D-Styles, MC Unite & Mr. Henshaw - Boombox Brutality

D-Styles, MC Unite & Mr. Henshaw - Boombox Brutality
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Mr. Hensaw's beats, MC Unite's raps & Dj D-Styles with the cuts. Check the story below about how this came about and almost didn't.

From Bandcamp:

Boombox Brutality is the album that was never meant to happen. The inspiration spurred by the idea of linking up these three artists was strong enough to have MC Unite and Mr Henshaw make a road trip. They jumped inside the hubcap less Mitsubishi and made a road trip from San Diego to Vegas.

In July 0f 2006, instead of meeting up at a studio or workspace, they drove straight up to the Beauty Bar in Old Las Vegas where D-Styles was waiting to buy them drinks two at a time for their time in the bar. Of course the events that followed stayed in Vegas after they left. The next morning however, Unite woke up in a Vacant, fully furnished Model Home while D-Styles and Mr Henshaw rose forgetting Unite was even in town. The rest of the weekend was more of a recovery than an inspirational studio session, but the fuse was lit.

The album was finished over a series of Studio Sessions, and the San Diegans returned to Vegas, meeting up with D-Styles not in a studio, or workspace. Instead they met up in front of the House Of Blues at Mandalay Bay to watch Slayer perform. The story was pretty much the same as the last trip that weekend, but the bulk of the album was completed.

Over the next year the album was mixed with their good friend Rice in San Diego, and the next step was to master it. After linking up with Mike Camus, and mastering the album via Reel to Reel tape, everything seemed to be ready to go.

Until the hard drive which contained the album crashed without a backup, and Rice could not be tracked down

As time passed, so did the idea of releasing this album, until Mr Henshaw reestablished contact with Rice, grabbed the files, and took them to Penguin Studios where a final mix and master was put on the album, and now it’s here for your listening pleasure. Boombox Brutality: The album that was never meant to happen.
released 12 May 2015

D-Styles - Scratches
MC Unite - Lyrics
Mr. Henshaw - Beats

*Disko Rick - Beat for I Get Ill
*D-Styles - Beat for By The Bass

Produced by Boombox Brutality
Mixed by Rice & Hugh Knight
Mastered by Matt Coleman