Loop Skywalker - Skratch Zombies

Loop Skywalker - Skratch Zombies
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Loop Skywalker's 'Skratch Zombies', tells the story of the zombie apocalypse with samples and beats nicely scratched and arranged. The last track features Mr. Switch a 3x world champion. Its name your price on Bandcamp. Recommended.

Skratch Zombies by LoopSkywalker

This is a free download album but if you feel generous i will kindly accept money.
This album is made totally on turntables and a midi controller.It tells the story in skratch form of a zombie appocolypse.All beats ,bass and samples have all been manually manipulated by either turntables or played on the midi pads.This album is a showcase of what can be achieved by using turntables as a musical instrument.
released 28 April 2013
All samples arranged and manipulated by Loop Skywalker. All scratches performed by Loop Skywalker except on track 8 where 3 x world dj champion Mr Switch takes over the turntable duties.