Man And His Mixer - Compilation

Man And His Mixer - Compilation
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Big thanks to KingTragic for getting this compilation together, thanks to Hush ugn/ic..for the dope cover work & everyone that put down a track.

1. Have Faith-Mute.Art
2.I Aint No Joke With Skratchin-DJ Needlz
3. Liferthanlargeremix - Kwote
4. Move The Vinyl - Nobodi Da Vinylist
5. NeckBound - Zetrik
6.Pieces "n" Bits - DJ Chan(Turntable Doctor)
7.Poison Dart Game - SwordKilla & ThatkidnamedCee Ft. Dario Couse
8.Speaker Funker - LoopSkywalker
9.Teaching - SonnyKraft
10. Wheels Of Steel - KingTragic


loved this one! greetinfs from argentina!