Mikey Fingers - Snipe In The Grass EP

Mikey Fingers - Snipe In The Grass EP
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Mikey Fingers put out this album in March 2012, but I just came across it today & had to share it. Its what you should expect from Mikey Fingers, bit & pieces of records re-arranged, scratched, looped & otherwise manipulated to make new tunes. Its on Bandcamp, name your price. Recommended.

From the liner notes:

Mikey Fingers [ Snipe in the grass]

all music produced by Mikey Fingers between 2010 and 2012

thanks (in no particular order) to Deviant, Tweek, Jimmy Penguin, Community scratch, Pervish,
Fogosmogo, Tokenwhiteboy, ClubHeadBangBang, Morganiser, Doobs, Rhombus Merrylegs, Moschops, Little K,
Mustapha Monde, Hip Neck Blues Collective, Raddar and lastly my family for making this release possible.
Much appreciated for the help!!.

http:// soundcloud.com/mikeyFingers