MindState (dusk & honna) - Black Lungs Ep - Free

MindState (dusk & honna) - Black Lungs Ep - Free
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A little shameless self-promotion. This is a free ep by dusk (mc) and myself. Get your download on and let us know what you think. We have been nominated for The City Weekly Music Awards, if your liking what you hear, send your vote by texting "minds" to 91010.

Big up, honna.

Production Credits & Track List.
released 01 November 2009
1-black lungs - prod. by Dusk
2-almost all the time - prod. by Brisk
3-same old trouble - prod. by Abacus81
4-boss pt. one - prod. by DJ Honna
5-The Most Ridiculous - prod. by DJ Handsome Hands
6-drat cave - prod. by MindState
7-drive - prod. by Dusk
8-easy now - prod. by Linus
9-the answer pt. 1 - prod. by DJ Handsome Hands  scratching by honna.