- DayMakers Mix #1 - Podcast - DayMakers Mix #1 - Podcast

Hot damn, i finally got it together, it's the podcast. The 'DayMakers Mix', it features tablist, dj's, producers and whatever else you want to call them. Basically its people that are making good music with records. It's not all 'scratch' music but it is all good music. There is a full play list & links below. If you like the music you should support the people making it.

Play List:
Intro - (cuts by honna beat by lorn) Paradice Lost - Lorn.  Grief Machine 12"  Hypnosis - Dj Wicked.  Dj Wicked / Dj Void 12"I Love It - Dj FlashCAT.  Unreleased.Subliminal Messages - Dj Spydrr (RIP).  Dreams 12"DC Sniper - Animal Crackers.  National Geoplastic LPSci Fu Ism - WaxFactorSci-Fu6 Dj's +1: RealTablist - Flowlife Bumz. - Dinner@Table N°9 EPAstro - Dj Astro - The White Paper ProjectGiant & Hentsix - Circadian RhythmzIt's Gonna Land - Dj Excess - It's Gonna Land / Lally 12"No Wall Between the Music - Dj FlashCAT.  Unreleased.It's Never Enough - Dday One - Signal Path LP  The Wash - Nozl - The Man Who Brought Us Here Has VanishedSound Event - Rob Swift - Sound EventRise Reprise - Mumbles & Cut Chemist - Mu.sic The Movement of Though Through RhythmNext Episode - African/Control - My Gift To you Heavy Snow - Airnino - Spacesuite RadioAudio Sermon V2 - Asup - .kleine RevolutionYellow Cab - J. Baracuz - The 5inch FilesIf you have tracks you made and would like to send them in for future shows, send them to: honna(shift2)