- DayMakers Mix #3 - Podcast - DayMakers Mix #3 - Podcast

Better late than never.  Well here it is, Daymakers Vol. 3, with 50% more freshness.  This is about an hour and a half of scratch & instrumental goodness.  It's a mixture of new and old, including a track from 2tall's forthcoming album and several tracks submitted by members.  The playlist is below, be sure to check out the links & support the people making music you like.  Feed to subscribe: Late Than Never Intro - honnaNon Verbal Communication (feat. Dave McMurray) - Ill Insanity - Ground Xero You Aint Fresh Like This - Dj Syruz - Unreleased Micro Oxygen - King Tragic - Sci Fonix Bangzilla - Mix Master Mike - Bangzilla Taking The Night Train - The Lin - Chase And The Birdhouse Laughing Life - Inside A Mind - Fragmental EP Conquer The Mountain - Dj Flashcat - Unreleased Market St March - Asonic Garcia - The Dead Muse Hard Soul - Meta Rockwell (Zane3) - Unreleased The Most High - 2tall - The Softer Diagram Felonio Us Funk Remix - Mike B & Dq (Animal Crackers) - Inspiration Information (Dj Dstyles)
Dirty Larry - Ricci Rucker El Guapo - Thought Control - Thought Control EP Lally (Remix) - Thought Control - Thought Control EP Exerpt - Mission Cartel (Dj Quest & Dj 2Fresh) - Live on 3 Technics (& 2 Rane Mixers) UFO (In 3 Parts) - Danny Breaks - Deep Concentration 3 Insect Mind Numb - Invisibl Skratch Piklz - Turntables By the Bay Vol. 1 Mixing Paint - Dday One - Loop Extensions Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt - Dj Shadow - Entroducing Beautiful Fog - D-Styles - Bully Records 7" Feelin' Wounded - Linus - Panoramic Send Submissions for future DayMakers )to:
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