Vinyl Frontier (ktru) - Others Turntable Fx Kru

Vinyl Frontier (ktru) - Others Turntable Fx Kru

Baby Cee, Hypnotize, and Needlz. Recorded 2-19-08.


Intro beat: New Hope, kutts by THE OTHERS
Nonce---Mix Tapes
Ill Insanity---P Bounce
Living Legends----Damn it feels good
Rakim----Been a long time
Lil Brother----The Get Up
Tragedy f. CNN and Noreaga----L.A., L.A.
Raekwon---Incarcerated Scarfaces
Del and Aesop Rock----Preservation
Chino Xl----Creep (remix)


Intro beat: DJ Troubl, kutts by THE OTHERS
Taj Shamesh----Beauty of Sharing
Tribe Called Quest---Check the Rhyme
Rammellzee---Beat Bop
Schooly D.----PSK
T La Rock----Its Yours
Spyder D.---Placin the beat (inst), kutts by THE OTHERS
Run DMC---Rock Box
CD3----Get Tuff
Mantronix---Get Stupid Fresh
Grandmaster Flash---Larry's Dance
Eddie D.---Backstabbin
Mc Shan---Marley Marl Scratch
Ultimate 3---Ultimate (dub mix)
Fat Boys----Can you feel it?


Intro beat: Spores, kutts by THE OTHERS
BBoy 3000---One Lightah
Cocoa Brothers---Superbrooklyn (inst), kutts by THE OTHERS
Operator----Under Attack
Goldie f. Krs One----Digital
--N20 white label---Mash it up/mixed with G-Thang (inst. by Dr. Dre)
The Disciple---Phoney Niggas
The Angel----Make it Betta
R.A.W.---Take em out
Blackstar---Definition (inst, kutts by THE OTHERS)
Shiro----Rollout (remix)
---N20 white label---special japanese promo
Funkonami1----808beat, kutts by THE OTHERS
Unknown DJ---Lets Jamm
Nairobi f. Awesome Foursome----Freebeats
Newcleus---Push the button
Twilight 22----Siberia Nights
DerMerr----Fall out
Pretty Tony---Fix it in the Mix (dub version)
Outro electro beat