Paul Skratch - Skratch Dungeon Classics

Paul Skratch - Skratch Dungeon Classics

Inspired by the scratch beats that were heavily on rotation during his come up in the 80s, 90s and early 2000s. Sampled and re-drummed some of the iconic beats adding his personal style for your cut room sessions. Steering away from microwave beats and just putting it out there, Paul took the time to test and listen to each beat so that everyone can enjoy (hear) their practicing experience. Quality > quantity.

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**Shouts out to the OGs that paved the way for us to be where we are now in this culture. Scratch Gawds like @djdstyles @djbabuforeal @iamthetoadstyle @miguelbooginowski @djqbert thank you for the inspiration that yall have given us.**

Track Listing:
Caffeinated Underwear
Calm Chowder
Eres Basura
Felonious Dave
Glassy Toe
Ken Grippy Jr
Lou Sassel
Morning Breath
Mr Underbite
No Cure 4 Fools
No No Zone
OG Turntablist
Pop Gawd
Stay AFK
Stretchy Pants
Tales From The Crip
Under Carriage